Aussie Hives Hasson's Hives Australia food grade polymer plastic beehives

Got to say guys I am extremely happy with the effort and money invested into using the Hasson hive system. I purchased these hive bodies 12 months ago and they have worked out fantastic. When I first introduced them to my commercial set up I changed out all my ratty timber gear that even though I had beetle traps in. Beetle where prevelant. These boxes work like a beetle exodus within 10 mins of changing the brood boxes over the beetle where evicted. I have noticed limited numbers in these hives as opposed to others. Also for hardness these things can't be beat. I dropped a couple off the deck of the truck at Kilcoy from 2m high (loaded with honey). You can't even tell if they had damage and I only lost 2-3 frames from them. All in all am proud to say both myself and the apiarist I am working for are changing over to the Hasson system for all our commercial units. I am an extremely picky and fussy operator and this system is the goods. The boxes can be heavy but for everything else they do you wouldn't want anything else. I work with a loader and have added cleats that when counter sunk in work fantastic.

Jaqob Solomon, QLD Australia

Your hive is PHENOMENAL! It works so well here in Puerto Rico. The tropical climate has absolutely no effect on construction or production of the hive. It seems as though the bees using your hives are much calmer, less aggressive. Guess you can contribute that to a "good home life."

Jim Gillis, Puerto Rico