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Silicomb food grade beehive frame

We are proud to present the newest innovation of Hassons Hives, Silicomb, a completely food grade frame.

The flat frame has a deform-able silicon cell matrix, providing 1/2 cells to reduce bee labour. This system has proven to efficiently remove all honey including non-throw honey like Manuka and Teatree, the flat frame with a deform-able food grade comb on both sides means the honey is just rolled off, frames can be completely sterilized and honey stored in a closed system, heavily reducing risk of contaminants and disease. We have recently taken out a new Australian Patent for Silicomb™. ​

In 2014, we conducted research on a frame to see if bees would work a flexible comb, this was a great success. Field trials of the harvesting concept in 2015/16 found that the honey produced and harvested was significantly cleaner and the bees were less stressed. The harvesting was carried out in a simple one step operation.

Silicomb Hive

Full 10 frame Silicomb Frame for trial

Silicomb Hive

Using our Aussie Hive, spacing of our Silicom Frames can be spaced perfectly

Hive Trials

Both standard and Silicomb Hives were tested in field trials

Hive Trials

Comparisons were taken throughout the hive cycle

Silicomb Frame

Bees starting to draw comb on our Silicomb frames

Silicomb Hive

Silicomb frames proving to be a huge success: calm bees, clean comb and fast production

Silicomb Frame

Bees loving the deform-able frame

Silicomb Frame

Continuing comparisons throughout the trial proving Silicomb success

Capped Silicomb

A capped Silicomb frame ready for harvest

Prototype Harvest

We successfully harvested honey and virgin wax from our Silicomb frames using a prototype extraction system

Our Prototype trials proved to be a huge success, our research verified drawing of comb on our Silicomb cells, superior food grade honey production and sterilization of frames for repeated use. The harvest of honey also proved to be a much improved method, using a single operation to extract both Honey and virgin comb. Using this system, we can further develop to allow a "closed" harvest to reduce any contamination risks and allow for extraction and sterilization automation for commercial beekeepers. ​

Below are just some of the benefits of Silicomb:

  • The entire system is food grade, no contaminants from paint, wood dust, wood worms or risks during transport.
  • Harvesting with Silicomb™ on site, no time is needed to warm the frames.
  • Saves labour and fuel.
  • Drone cell size used to store honey.
  • Can be sterilised with low pressure steam.
  • The extracting system is a lot smaller than a standard extracting system.
  • All honey comes from virgin comb.
  • All wax is capping quality wax.
  • Removes jellied and non-throw honey.
  • Cold harvesting.
  • Drone comb pitch will never be used in brood area.
  • Energy saving and would qualify for R&D grants.
  • Reduces OH&S(Occupational health and safety) hazards.
  • This system sets a new standard for honey production and qualifies for a HACCP plan to remove all risks and contaminants (paints) from the supply chain.

We want to open up opportunities for further business growth and funding to secure our world patent rights as well as the implementation of manufacturing methods to commercialize the product. Silicomb™ is designed for a totally food grade system to benefit commercial beekeepers, we believe this product has its place in the market and will greatly benefit our industry. ​

If you feel you could help us with our project, or are interested in any further information, please feel free to contact us or visit our GoFundMe page below.

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