New Generation of Lightweight Food Grade Composite Hives


About Hasson's Hives Australia

Our Company, trading as Hasson's Hives Australia™, is based in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia and it is family owned and operated. The company is involved in producing, packaging & marketing quality honey and it is from this background that it saw the need to improve productivity from the hive, also to reduce hive maintenance costs and reduce possible contamination.

After extensive R&D and many prototype models, a new hive has been produced that has Key Benefits over the commercially available predecessor's. Our new design hives “Aussie-Hive“™ is made from food grade polymer in one piece which has potential to change the industry.

  • Increased Productivity – Extends the period when bees work
  • Strength /Durability – Withstands impact, impervious to rotting, requires no painting
  • Climate control –Keeps hive cooler in summer ,warmer in winter
  • Control hive disease - No cracks or joints to harbor bacteria or pests
  • Light weight –OH&S benefits in manual handling
  • Design of product –to industry standard, compatible with existing hives
  • Extends bee life – less stress.

The company's aspiration is to supply a product that will benefit the industry and producers, increasing yields and profitability, also improving honey quality.


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