Aussie Hives Hasson's Hives Australia food grade polymer plastic beehives


After extensive R&D and many prototype models, our Aussie Hive™ has been produced with Key Benefits over the commercially available predecessor's. Our new design is made from food grade polymer in one piece which has potential to revolutionise the industry.

  • Increased Productivity – Extends the period when bees work
  • Strength /Durability – Withstands impact, impervious to rotting, requires no painting
  • Climate control –Keeps hive cooler in summer, warmer in winter
  • Control hive disease - No cracks or joints to harbor bacteria or pests
  • Light weight –OH&S benefits in manual handling
  • Design of product –to industry standard, compatible with existing hives
  • Extends bee life – less stress.
  • Able to meet food grade standards
  • Increased honey production up to 20% (extends period when bees work)
  • Helps to control diseases in hive (no gaps or cracks)
  • Durability/Life expectancy (15 years +)
  • Compatible -interchangeable with timber hives and frames
  • No more contamination from paints
  • Reduces stress on bees to control internal temperature of hive (34 degrees C)
  • Low maintenance - needs no painting, will never rot!
  • Security benefits when implanted with registration chips
  • Competitive price
  • Unique world-first design