New Generation of Lightweight Food Grade Composite Hives


Welcome to Hasson's Hives

Why Hasson's Hives?

Hasson's Hives is an Australian manufacturer of integrated food grade polymer plastic beehives.

Hasson's Hives has patented a new hive system certified as food grade quality and is in the process of establishing a Standard for the Honey industry.

Our beehives can be and are used all around the world, across all climatic zones wherever bees are kept.

The beehives from Hasson's Hives are designed to help the beekeepers improve the efficiency and profitability of their business. The costs are reduced by increasing the durability of the beehive, reducing the maintenance required, as well as lowering the chances of disease and contamination. At the same time the productions increases up to 20% by allowing the bees to work longer and minimising waste.

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  • Able to meet food grade standards
  • Increased honey production up to 20% (extends period when bees work)
  • Helps to control diseases in hive (no gaps or cracks)
  • Durability/Life expectancy (15 years +)
  • Compatible -interchangeable with timber hives and frames
  • No more contamination from paints
  • Light weight - easier for the operator to move about
  • Reduces stress on bees to control internal temperature of hive (max. 34 C; timber hive can reach 57 C)
  • Low maintenance - needs no painting, will never rot!
  • Security benefits when implanted with registration chips
  • Competitive price
  • Unique world-first design



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