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    Hasson's Hives Australia
  • Food Grade Plastic Beehives
    Food Grade Plastic Beehives
  • Aussie Hives Plastic Beehives
    Aussie Hives Plastic Beehives

Australian Food Grade Polymer Plastic Beehives


  • Withstands impact
  • impervious to rotting
  • 15+ years life expectancy


  • Meets food grade standards
  • No paint contamination
  • Control hive disease
  • No cracks or joints to harbor bacteria or pests


  • Keeps hive cooler in summer, warmer in winter
  • Reduces bee stress and extends bee life
  • Increases honey production by up to 20%

Making Australia's best beehives for the past 10 years

Hasson's Hives Australia™ is based in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia and is family owned and operated, providing and developing world class apiary solutions. We are involved in producing, packaging & marketing quality honey and it is from this background that we saw the need to improve productivity from the hive, reduce hive maintenance costs and reduce possible contamination.

We are now an Australian manufacturer of integrated food grade polymer plastic beehives.

Hasson's Hives has patented our Aussie Hive™ as certified food grade quality and is in the process of establishing a Standard for the honey industry.

Our beehives can be and are used all around the world, across all climatic zones wherever bees are kept. Our Aussie Hives are designed to help the beekeepers improve the efficiency and profitability of their business. The costs are reduced by increasing the durability of the beehive, reducing the maintenance required, as well as lowering the chances of disease and contamination. At the same time the productions increases up to 20% by allowing the bees to work longer and minimize waste.

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